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Analysing Language Skills

Simile and Metaphor

In this video, I explain how similes and metaphors are structured and how to analyse them.

More videos coming soon!

Sound patterning techniques

In this video, I explain how poets use sound patterning, such as alliteration, consonance, assonance, sibilance, euphony, etc.

Tips to work smarter and access higher grades
In this video, I explain how how to avoid common traps and show you how to use sentence frameworks to work smarter to include high grade analysis.

The art of persuasion: top 9 rhetorical devices
In this video, I go through my top 9 rhetorical devices which politicians, activists, advertisers, essayists and poets use in their writing to manipulate our emotions and beliefs.

Top tips to keep your language analysis focused on the text
In this video, I use a model answer to an exam-style question to show you how to make every sentence of your analysis count. Every text is unique - so your analysis should be as well.

Top 5 writing errors in student essays and how to fix them
In this video, I look at the top five errors that I have come across over more than 20 years as a teacher/tutor. I explain why these mistakes occur and show you how to fix or avoid them altogether. 

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